About Gorilla Tactics

Founded in 2009 on the premise that modern application development requires access to teams of various sizes built from an ever changing set of skills, Gorilla Tactics assembles independent development teams around the needs of its clients. From single developer contracting or consulting to full game design, development, and publishing, Gorilla Tactics handles a wide variety of client and product requirements.

We Make Applications

We are in this business to create – not just our client’s applications, but our own too! Check out King Randall’s Party , currently in development, and Marathon Monk, currently available.

For You Too!

Sometimes you need an extra body to help you push a project out the door, and sometimes you need a whole team to help design, produce, and publish your project. Let us know – we can help.

Or a Little Consulting

If you already have a development team or want to find one and aren't quite sure how to start or manage the process, we can help with that too.